Practical Benefits of Earning A Graduate Certificate in Business Administration


Finished your degree and looking to study further? Or maybe you’ve been in the working world for some time now and want to establish your qualifications in the business industry. Either way, taking a graduate certificate in business administration (GCBA) might just be the right step forward for you. But, before we can really know this for sure, we need to consider the practical benefits of studying this course.

In this article, we’ll discuss what a business administration degree is, why you should get one and some practical benefits of having one.

Why Should You Get a GCBA?

It’s no lie that a person can make something of themself before finishing or furthering their studies. Consider the likes of a young Henry Ford, Mark Zuckerberg, and Bill Gates. However, there are exceptions to the rule, and for most people, a tertiary education can help you on the road to your success story.

In the business world, the landscape is changing continuously. If you plan to chart a course through the business world, you need to equip yourself with the tools to get through effectively. It’s all about setting yourself up to succeed, and that’s exactly what a graduate certificate in business administration will do for you.

It’ll give you the necessary skills to navigate the business world, run your own business, or be a valuable asset to your employer as you help them build theirs. Not to mention, it’ll also set you up well to advance your career when the opportunity arises.

What Options are Available to You with a GCBA?

As you can deduce, career options in the business world would be an option for an individual with a graduate certificate in business admin. However, the term “business world” is pretty broad, wouldn’t you say? So, what jobs can an individual do with a GCBA actually?

  • General management roles are common for individuals with a GCBA
  • A graduate can also go into marketing or sales
  • While this might require further studying depending on the undergrad degree you do, accounting is an option
  • This course often benefits those who work in Human Relations
  • Having a foundation in business administration is beneficial for entrepreneurs striving to build their own company
  • You can become a business consultant

There are a lot more career paths you could take, many of which would rely on the undergrad course you took before doing this certificate.

Benefits of Studying Business Administration

What you make of your career is all up to you, but it’s still helpful to know the benefits that come from a course before you take it.


For that matter, here are some practical benefits of studying for a graduate certificate in business administration.

High Demand

Businesses are always on the hunt for employees who’ll add to the productivity of their business. They want qualified individuals who know what they’re doing and who have a background in the business niche. Especially those who have business qualifications. This qualification, along with the demand for those who know how to run a business, makes individuals with a business administration qualification well sought after by potential employers

Job Versatility

As we said earlier, the business world is broad, meaning there are a few different career paths you could pursue with a graduate certificate in business administration, even if your bachelor’s degree is different to your graduate certificate, having one opens up more job opportunities for you in the long run.

Whether you want to pursue your own business venture or you want to climb the corporate ladder, having a graduate certificate in business administration is certainly a beneficial means to achieve your goals.


Flexibility and job opportunities come hand in hand, but having a qualification in business administration can also provide you with more career flexibility. For one, this course can give you practical handles on how to run your own business effectively to free up your time. It’ll also teach you what’s expected from employers and how to use your time well to allow for some flexibility in the workplace.

Good Earning Potential

In most cases, graduates who study further in business administration set themselves up for more earning potential.


Graduates of a business administration degree usually step into salaries that are above average. However, if you add a business administration qualification to another, you might find that you’ll get a high salary.

You’ll Learn the Art of Networking

University is the perfect place to practice your networking skills, a skill that’ll be invaluable in the work world. Studying a business administration course will connect you with other like-minded businessmen and students who could make valuable business partners or potential clients in the future. By networking well, you could also stumble upon some promising opportunities, like job openings or investment opportunities.

Leadership Skills

We all lead in some capacity or another in life. However, leading in the business industry is difficult. It takes grit, determination, and wisdom. Not to mention, you have to know how to do it. Studying a business administration course will provide you with the skills you need to become an effective leader in whatever career you choose to follow!

Understanding the Mechanics of the Business World

Have you ever looked at the inside of an analog clock and known exactly how every part of it works? Well, that’s how the business world looks to a person who hasn’t studied how it ticks! Doing a GCBA would give you insights into how the markets work, what clients are looking for and how to land them.

You’ll Get Practice

Finally, when you take part in a graduate certificate in business studies course, you’ll get to practice the very skills you’ll use in the business world. This means leadership, communication, teamwork, and other skills that will lead you to success in your chosen career.

Final Thoughts

Don’t you just love looking at things practically? You might wonder if studying further is for you or if you should indeed tackle a course in business administration, but let’s consider the end results if you do. First, you’d be more qualified; second, you’d have learnt valuable skills on how to navigate the business world; and third, you’d open the doors to more career opportunities for yourself.